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Large Leather Case - Black

Large Leather Case - Black

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Beautiful, high quality faux leather cosmetic and toiletry case which features a side bag to wear for any occasion. With this case, you'll be able to comfortably keep everything you need close at hand when traveling or at home.

SMELL PROOF – All bags are lined with activated carbon within the interior fabric, eliminating and locking in all odors

LOCKABLE – Equipped with an integrated 3-digit combination lock, set any code you want and change it whenever you wish

MOISTURE SEAL ZIPPER – Helps trap all odors and doesn’t allow any moisture in or out of the bag

DISCREET AND PORTABLE – Carry your medicinal products discreetly and don’t attract any unnecessary attention

DIMENSIONS: 9″ x 9″ x 3.5″

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Customer Reviews

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So amazing item. Owner is very kind too. Waiting for my jar and rolling stand. 🥰


This case was absolutely stunning!!!! I bought it to upgrade my partner's weed Tupperware into a lovely, respectable, rich-looking travel case. The accessories are gorgeous, the leather is divine, I can't smell the weed through it (which I'm sensitive to) and the whole thing is utterly befitting any weed connoisseurs out there. Buy this. Seriously. You will not be disappointed. 5/5!!!


Great quality and secure!!


Customer service is excellent! They responded to my matter within a few hours and was extremely helpful and kind. Took longer than expected to ship but once it the mail stream, the time was as expected. I just received today and the top inner panel was only glued half way leaving it partially open. I'm able to glue tho. Other than that, I really loved everything in the package. Jars, rolling stand, case, and cross body bag are of great quality. I've been looking for a more sophisticated, polished, sleek look for smoking accessories and storage and I finally found it. 💚