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Leather Stealth Case - Tan

Leather Stealth Case - Tan

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The Leather Stealth Case has a sleek and stylish design that looks great while travelling or to have at home.

SMELL PROOF – All bags are lined with activated carbon within the interior fabric, eliminating and locking in all odors

LOCKABLE – Equipped with an integrated 3-digit combination lock, set any code you want and change it whenever you wish

MOISTURE SEAL ZIPPER – Helps trap all odors and doesn’t allow any moisture in or out of the bag

DISCREET AND PORTABLE – Carry your medicinal products discreetly and don’t attract any unnecessary attention

DIMENSIONS: 8″ x 4″ x 3"

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality item, the case definitely keeps all sorts of smells out and doesn’t seem like it will wear out anytime soon. I was able to specially request the label on the jars I wanted which was nice, but, they aren’t exactly smell proof. I do wish this came in a bit of a bigger size!


The bag and jars I purchased arrived quickly. Excellent quality bag and the jars are smell proof. We were also provided a complimentary tray that was engraved. We accidentally changed the lock on the bag and the owner provided an immediate solution. Awesome experience all around. We'll definitely be return customers. Thanks again Hush Case, y'all have been the best!


Great quality Really does contain the smell! And did exactly as I had requested with the jar lids!


This case is insane! Smell proof no matter what plant material and smoking items are secure with no smell at all. 100% would recommend